# Reserved words

There are several folder and file names within a Retype project that incorporate special behaviour and are considered reserved words.

# Folders

# /blog

The /blog folder is intended to host a Blog for your website.

By default, .md pages created within the /blog folder are assigned the layout: blog layout, plus some additional features:

  • A summary page of the blog posts is automatically created at /blog.
  • An RSS feed of the recent blog posts is created.
  • Blog pages get Newer and Older buttons at the bottom of each page.
  • All blog pages are set with the layout: blog layout, unless otherwise specified in the page metadata.

# /categories

The default index page of the /categories directory is reserved for a summary of any category configs. Every category configured within an .md page of your Retype project will have a corresponding entry here.

Similar to /tags, you can also add content to the /categories page by creating your own /categories/index.md page. Retype will create your page as normal and then add the list of Categories below your custom content.

# /resources

Any files placed within this directory will be copied to the output directory. Please see the include and exclude configs for fine-grained control over including or excluding files or folders.

# /tags

The /tags directory is reserved for tags. Every tag name configured within an .md page will have a corresponding entry here.

Similar to /categories, you can also add content to the /tags page by creating your own /tags/index.md page. Retype will create your page as normal and then add the list of Tags below your custom content.

# Files


A CNAME file will be automatically created if the url is configured with a domain name or subdomain.

For instance, including url: docs.example.com within your retype.yml project config file also instructs Retype to create a CNAME file with the value docs.example.com. That CNAME file is used by GitHub Pages and possibly other website hosting services as the way to configure custom domain name hosting.

If you manually create a CNAME file within the root of the input folder of your project, Retype will not automatically create the CNAME file, even if the url or cname is configured or conflicts.

# Default pages

Folder default pages are .md files that will be treated as the index (default) page of the folder.

Retype will search using the following case insensitive priority:

  1. index.md
  2. readme.md
  3. default.md
  4. welcome.md *only in the project root

Within a sub-folder, if you add a Markdown .md file with the exact same name as the folder name, Retype will also treat that .md as a default page. For instance, given the following basic project structure, the /sample/sample.md file will function as a default page for the folder. The result will be the same as though you named it /sample/index.md:

  |-- sample.md

# Project config

By default, if you do not pass an explicit project configuration file name in the <path> command line argument, Retype will search for your project config using the following case insensitive priority:

  1. retype.yml
  2. retype.yaml
  3. retype.json

For instance, if you run the CLI command retype start docs, Retype will first try to find the project configuration file docs/retype.yml. If not found, then docs/retype.yaml will be tested and so on.

If you run the command retype start docs/retype.json, even if a retype.yml is present, Retype will only read the retype.json file as you are explicitly passing the project configuration file path.

Once a project configuration file is found, it is used. If the other files are found, they are ignored. Retype will not merge or override different configs or conflicting configs between two or more project files.