# Changelog

The entire release archive of Retype is available on NPM or NuGet.

# v3.5.0 LATEST

Released: 2023-09-16

  • New --pro flag during retype start to enable trial mode of Retype Pro features, see #612
  • New start.pro: true project config to enable trial mode of Retype Pro features, see #612
  • Path independent doc_theme local storage variable, see #624

# v3.4.0

Released: 2023-09-08

  • Upgrade Octicons icons library from v19.6.0 to v19.7.0
  • Tree nav expanded state not saving

# v3.3.0

Released: 2023-08-31

  • Update all client libraries

# v3.2.0

Released: 2023-08-23

  • Upgrade Octicons icons library from v19.4.0 to v19.5.0
  • Upgrade Octicons icons library from v19.5.0 to v19.6.0
  • Custom attributes on an image cause Retype to skip handling of component as a figure image
  • Custom css class not being applied correctly to table element
  • Escaping single braces inside inline code within headings
  • Adjust vertical alignment of Badge and Button components when in headings
  • Anchor is removed from redirect if set to internal page with anchor
  • Render icon on outbound link only if link contains plain or basic Markdown text, see #589

# v3.1.0

Released: 2023-07-23

  • Improved support for Cloudflare Rocket Loader, see #117, #380, and #580
  • Hide Tabs until finished rendering to avoid flash of unstyled content, see #570
  • Generated HTML syntax enhancements and clean up, see #583
  • Update the RU translation file, see #586
  • Upgrade to latest release of Mermaid see #585
  • Add cache buster to _watch scripts during retype start
  • Update client libraries including vue, monaco-editor, simplebar, katex, and lunr-languages (credits)
  • Upgrade Octicons icons library from v19.1.0 to v19.3.0
  • Upgrade Octicons icons library from v19.3.0 to v19.4.0
  • Not supported value WARNING on first build with new locale, see #573
  • Finish translation file updated
  • html lang=\"en\" attribute not updated if locale changes, see #574

# v3.0.0

Released: 2023-05-29

  • PRO New visibility: private and visibility: protected pages, see #341
  • New multi-language locale interface support for 22 languages, see #18 and #24
  • New meta.title page level config, see #346 and #350
  • New CLI commands and flags, see #94 and #323
  • New -n flag to prevent default web browser from being opened, see #323
  • New retype clean CLI command
  • New named regions with content, see #368
  • New {{ nonce }} token for cache busting URLs in templates, see #324
  • New Inter and system based font-family, see #179
  • New default Welcome page
  • New sticky TOC button
  • New context menu shortcuts for Retype components in Edit mode
  • New custom same name default page for a directory, see #511
  • Add welcome.md to the list of default page file names for the root input folder, see #461
  • Change default search hotkey to k instead of /
  • Panel title missing from search index, see #363
  • Nice looking prompt for password protected pages
  • Upgrade client and server dependencies
  • Upgrade to latest release of Turbo
  • Updated all Prism languages and created new dependency tree process, see #446
  • Argh... Poppins font doesn't support non-latin character glyphs (cyrillic), see #179
  • Use Inter font
  • Revise Plausible default script plausible.js to script.js
  • Remove Page Edit button on generated Welcome page
  • Links with icon that are images get empty alt attribute, see #523
  • Rename server project config to serve
  • Upgrade Octicons icons library from v17.2.0 to v17.3.0
  • Upgrade Octicons icons library from v17.9.0 to v17.10.0
  • Upgrade Octicons icons library from v17.10.0 to v17.10.1
  • Upgrade Octicons icons library from v17.10.2 to v17.11.1
  • Upgrade Octicons icons library from v17.11.1 to v17.12.0
  • Upgrade Octicons icons library from v17.12.0 to v18.0.0
  • Upgrade Octicons icons library from v18.2.0 to v18.3.0
  • Upgrade Octicons icons library from v18.3.0 to v19.0.0
  • Upgrade Octicons icons library from v19.0.0 to v19.1.0
  • JavaScript error if one stacked Panel is missing content, see #388
  • --override command fails when used with a templating data object, see #509
  • Editor icons are not rendered after monaco has been upgraded
  • Propagate visibility to all nested pages in watch mode
  • Messed up meta tag content value generation with escaped sequence, see #513
  • mark-github icon issue in ref and file components, see #517
  • Exception thrown if :icon-: is added to a page
  • Case-insensitive in-memory file system
  • Prism theme issues after update to latest

# v2.4.0

Released: 2022-07-14

  • New generator.directoryIndex.append project config.
  • New generator.trailingSlash project config to instruct whether to add a trailing / when constructing links.
  • New host config on integrations.plausible. See #272.
  • Extra phantom index.md file if Retype output path ends with a slash char.
  • Anchored links receive extraneous slash char when generator.directoryIndex.append: true.
  • Links to home page ignore generator.trailingShash setting.
  • Link at top-left logo has trailing slash when generator.trailingSlash is set to false.
  • Pressing enter on search results creates invalid url. See #333.
  • Parent folder prefixed with an _ underscore do not build properly. See #336.
  • Broken link to same page when generator.trailingSlash is false.

# v2.3.0

Released: 2022-05-03

  • Support for full relative URL pathing. See #14, #133, #194, #222, #233, and #276.
  • New generator.paths project config with source, relative, root options.
  • New search.preload project config to instruct Retype to preload the search index instead of on demand load.
  • New generator.directoryIndex.name project config for setting the default document name.
  • New generator.directoryIndex.altNames project config.
  • New RETYPE_DEFAULT_HOST environment variable. See #239.
  • New self-referential canonical meta tag for all pages.
  • Link to API pages using fully qualified class name path.
  • Exclude all contents of the _includes directory from being deployed.
  • Exclude files and pages within the _includes directory from the sitemap generation.
  • Sidebar menu item is not highlighted when missing trailing / in the URL.
  • Editor font request does not respect base path. See #318.
  • Syntax errors in yaml files results in corrupt category URLs. See #316.
  • links to the index document in the mobile sidebar footer not being resolved.
  • .yml files excluded from deploy even if explicitly declared in include. See #311.
  • og:url and twitter:url paths incorrect for API generated pages.
  • Include full version in the generator meta tag version.
  • Many categories extends beyond page width and does not wrap. See #316.
  • Switch generator.paths default value to relative.

To revert to the previous functionality, set the generator.paths config to root in your project retype.yml file.

  paths: root # Old default functionality

# v2.2.0

Released: 2022-03-30

  • generator.recase project config to recase file and folder names. See #302.
  • Official Retype docker images published to DockerHub. See #122.
  • New @latest tag to be used in your retype-action.yml configuration.
  • GitHub Action annotation to announce availability of Retype v2, only if using Retype v1.
  • author, date, and category metadata being rendered above page title
  • top.md content should be excluded from summary card generation

# v2.1.0

Released: 2022-03-22

  • Deploy .html and .htm files from input to output by default. See #302.
  • Apply generic attribute syntax to Retype generated <table> element.
  • Project include config not including pages if _* configured. See #296.

# v2.0.0

Released: 2022-03-14

  • Redesign of Search results.
  • Page content live editor during retype start.
  • Project configuration for full, partial, and basic search index modes.
  • Content templating.
  • Disable templating on a page.
  • Line highlighting in code blocks.
  • ghost variant on Button, Badge, and Alert.
  • Custom site-wide includes for <head>, <body>, top.md, and bottom.md.
  • Support for custom generic attributes on Markdown components.
  • Support for adding images above the top h1 page heading.
  • Google Tag Manager integration.
  • Plausible IO integration.
  • Page limit handling has been improved during retype start mode.
  • Include description in search index.
  • Unable to scroll sidebar when navigating to a collapsed clickable sidebar menu. See #128.
  • Double-quote in image caption is not encoded. See #245.
  • Build fails if root retype.yml configuration file is blank. See #257.
  • Super mega long word in page title causes rendering issue. See #253.
  • Prevent float elements from interacting with Previous|Next buttons. See #232.
  • Unreliable sidebar and Prev/Next button label word wrapping. See #253.
  • Full width Alert component content. See #242.
  • Strange link resolution WARNING on emphasized markdown links. See #291.

# v1.11.2

Released: 2021-12-23

# v1.11.1

Released: 2021-12-02

  • Badges configured without a link [!badge x] are being ignored.
  • Horizontal scroll issue with wide table. See #192.
  • Relax client integrity verification rules. See #225 and #226.
  • Corrupted website config error appears on first load after rebuild. See #212 and #226.

# v1.11.0

Released: 2021-11-19

  • Multi-language search and automatic detection of content languages. See #197.
  • Retype Pro with increased page limit and Retype branding removal option.
  • Better style for native scrollbars on Windows. See #107.
  • serve.start.validation project configuration option.
  • All heading elements within the page content are now added to the search index. See #166.
  • Page config and SUMMARY.md can be used together.
  • Upgrade Octicons icons library from v15.2.0 to v16.1.1.

# v1.10.0

Released: 2021-09-30

# v1.9.0

Released: 2021-08-30

# v1.8.2

Released: 2021-08-06

  • Update expired NPM Access Token to fix broken NPM package publishing from v1.8.1.

# v1.8.1

Released: 2021-08-05

  • Add broader checks for unresolved links, see #112. For instance, if a link to ../components is created, Retype will now try to resolve the path to any of the following:
  • Allow inline Markdown components for author, title, and label page configs, see #114. Block-level Markdown components will be ignored for those configs.

# v1.8.0

Released: 2021-08-03

  • retype.yml project configuration file format.
  • url project config for setting your website URL.
  • Auto-generate a sitemap.xml file to inform search engines which pages to crawl.
  • Auto-generate a robots.txt file.
  • Open Graph and Twitter meta tags generated for every page.
  • serve.host and serve.port project configs.
  • /blog summary for any .md page added to a /blog folder.
  • author, category, and date page configs.
  • redirect page config.
  • visibility page config.
  • Added logic to handle the manual creation of a CNAME file and copy to output.
  • Automated process to check for new Octicons release and merge update.
  • Update to latest Octicons icon release.
  • Cleaned up the CLI experience. See #103.
  • Removed excessive bottom padding on blockquotes, see #74.

# v1.7.0

Released: 2021-06-24

  • Column component.
  • Stacking Panels component.
  • Open Graph and Twitter card support.
  • Mermaid diagram and visualization support.
  • target config for all links within retype.yml.
  • Default page support for default.md.
  • Hover style on Badge component when links.
  • Super improved handling of áccënt characters.

# v1.6.0

Released: 2021-06-09

# v1.5.0

Released: 2021-05-12

  • Badge component
  • Syntax highlighting support for all code block languages
  • route page config
  • port project config
  • Larger font-size for h1, h2, and h3 headers.
  • Better handing of special characters within file names.
  • Cleaner handling of .md pages created by GitHub Wiki.

# v1.4.0

Released: 2021-04-12

  • Even cleaner upgrade to Retype from GitBook experience
  • Super fast retype start incremental build process
  • image alignment and captions
  • exclude config for retype.yml
  • blog layout and /blog folder defaults
  • [!file] component
  • [!ref] component

# v1.3.0

Released: 2021-03-30

# v1.2.0

Released: 2021-03-25

# v1.1.0

Released: 2021-03-12

# v1.0.0

Released: 2021-02-11

  • Publish to NPM
  • Publish to NuGet
  • Initial v1.0.0 release