# About

Retype is professionally built and supported by the team at Object.NET.

Technical support questions are best asked in the Discussion forum.

Did you find a bug? Please create an Issue.

Would you like to make a feature request. Please either start a Discussion or create an Issue.

Do you have a general inquiry? Please feel free to contact us at hello@object.net.

# Credits 👏

Retype is only made possible because of the hard work of other amazing open-source and commercial projects.

Library License Role
Retype Retype Magical static site generator
Markdig BSD-2-Clause Markdown parsing
Scriban BSD-2-Clause Templating
Mojee Mojee Emoji parsing and handling
Vue.js MIT Client UI framework
Turbo MIT HTML over the wire
Lunr MIT Search index
Prism MIT Code sample formatting
Clipboard.js MIT Code block copy to clipboard

# License

Please see the Retype LICENSE.