# File Download

A static file download component can be configured by using the !file specifier in a link.


sample.txt 36B

# Custom text

By default, the text of the file download component is not required. Retype will automatically use the file name as the text.

The text can be explicitly set by passing as the first part of the component config. In the following sample, we explicitly set the text to Sample.

[!file Sample](/static/sample.txt)

sample.txt 36B

Clicking anywhere within the file download component will trigger the web browser to download the static file.

# Custom icon

The icon used for the file download component can be customized using a name/value pair syntax for the text and icon attributes. This allows for setting a custom icon and text value at the same time. The icon attribute can be initialize with one of the following:

  • Octicon name
  • Emoji :shortcode: (please see Mojee for a full list of supported Emoji shortcodes)
  • Image file URL

The following samples demonstrate setting a custom icon:

[!file icon="rocket"](/static/sample.txt)
[!file icon=":rocket:"](/static/sample.txt)
[!file icon="../static/retype-icon.svg"](/static/sample.txt)

sample.txt 36B
🚀 sample.txt
sample.txt 36B
sample.txt 36B

By default, the file name is used as the component text value and the text can be customized by explicitly passing a separate text value.

[!file icon="rocket" text="To the moon"](/static/sample.txt)

To the moon
sample.txt 36B