# Formatting

Markdown .md pages are plain text documents with a simple human readable syntax that aims to make writing for the internet easier.

No special software is required to create a .md file. Any basic text editor will do. Just save the file with a .md file extension.

Please see markdownguide.org for a full demonstration of the formatting possibilities and best practices.

# Quick start

The following sample demonstrates a very basic sample.md page sample with a page title and one paragraph.

# Page title here

This is a paragraph.

We can build on the above sample by adding more content and formatting, such as bold text, images, and lists.

# Page title here

This is a paragraph.

Both [internal](README.md) and [external](https://example.com) links work.

![Your logo](logo.png)

Another paragraph with **bold**, _italic_, ~~strikethrough~~, and `code` samples.


## Lists

- First item
- Second item
- Third item

1. First item
2. Second item
3. Third item

> "Cool! This is a quotation."

Need to draw attention to something? Use an alert.

At a very basic level, to create a new page for your Retype project, do the following:

  1. Make a readme.md file
  2. Add a # title
  3. Start writing

# Home page

Your project should include a default file (index.md, default.md, readme.md, or welcome.md) within the root of the project. If there is a default file within the root folder, Retype will use that page as your home page. Clicking on the top-left logo or title will navigate to the home page.

Outside of the root of your project, adding a file with the exact same name as folder, will also act as a default page for that folder. For instance, adding /guides/guides.md is equivalent to /guides/index.md.

The default files can be used inside any folder of the project. Given the following folder and file structure, where Guides is a folder...

|-- Guides
    |-- index.md
    |-- getting-started.md
|-- readme.md

...Retype will create three pages in your website and the pages will be available at the following locations:

  1. /
  2. /guides/
  3. /guides/getting-started/

# Components

In addition to the standard Markdown options, Retype includes many custom components so you can easily add extra 💎 flair 💎 to your document.

The most commonly used Retype components include Alert and Tab:

# Alert

Sample Alert component
This is an Alert

# Tab

This is Tab 1

This is another Tab

Sample Tab component
+++ Tab 1
This is Tab 1
+++ Tab 2
This is another Tab

See all components