# Frequently Asked Questions

# Is Retype free to use?

Yes, but with limitations.

There are two limitations:

  1. Maximum of 100 pages can be built
  2. The Powered by Retype branding cannot be removed

It is possible to remove both those limitations with Retype Pro.

# Can I get a trial license key?

Absolutely. Please use the following button to create a free 10-day trial license key.

Create trial key

# How do I install Retype?

Installing Retype is super simple and takes only a few seconds. Please see our Getting Started guide for detailed installation instructions.

If you ain't got no time for that, just run the following two commands on a folder that contains at least one .md file, depending on your preferred package manager.

npm install retypeapp --global
retype watch
yarn global add retypeapp
retype watch
dotnet tool install retypeapp --global
retype watch

# What is page metadata?

The page metadata is an optional block of configuration that can be placed at the top of any Markdown .md page. This block of configuration can also be referred to as the page Front Matter.

The block of page metadata must be the first item at the top of the .md page and must be added between --- lines above and below the configs.

icon: rocket
# Your page title here

The page metadata is completely optional and typically only required when you want to override the Retype defaults.

You can also add page metadata into a separate .yml file, see page config options.