# Folder configuration

Using the same .yml technique and options as Page configuration, a folder can be configured using a separate index.yml file placed inside the folder.

# Samples

# icon

Set a custom icon for the folder.

icon: gear

# expanded

Expand the folder node in the tree navigation with the expanded config.

expanded: true

# order

Move a folder up to the top of the navigation by setting the order. The higher the number, the higher in the stack the folder will be placed.

order: 1000

Move a folder to the bottom of the navigation. The lower the number, the lower in the stack it will be placed.

order: -1000

# label

Change the folder label used for the left navigation tree node label.

label: Custom label

# visibility

Hide a folder by setting the visibility configuration.

visibility: hidden

Another option to completely ignore a folder or a file would be to prefix the folder name or file name with an underscore _. For instance, naming a folder _guides would instruct Retype to ignore the folder.

Password protect an entire folder by setting the visibility to either protected or private.

visibility: protected