# Getting Started

Getting started with Retype is super quick and you can be up and running within seconds.

Check out the Quick start for the condensed process or continue here with the detailed instructions.

Please see the Retype CLI for full details on each command.

# Prerequisites

Retype is installed using either npm, yarn, or the dotnet CLI.

You only need one of those three package managers as a prerequisite, although all three could be installed on your computer too. It's up to you. 🙌

Package Manager Supported Platforms
npm Mac Win Linux
yarn Mac Win Linux
dotnet Mac Win Linux

# Install

It takes just a few seconds to install Retype using any of the following commands. Choose a command based on a package manager you have installed on your computer.

npm install retypeapp --global
retype watch
yarn global add retypeapp
retype watch
dotnet tool install retypeapp --global
retype watch

That's it! 🎉 Your new Retype website should be up and running. 🎉

If you already have the dotnet CLI installed on your machine, installing using dotnet tool install retypeapp --global will be the fastest option, but any of the options should install within seconds. They all produce the same result and run with the same performance.

# Update

Update to the latest release of Retype using on of the following commands for the package manager that you initially installed Retype with. For instance, if you used npm to install Retype, run the npm update command to update Retype locally.

npm update retypeapp --global
yarn global upgrade retypeapp
dotnet tool update retypeapp --global

# Uninstall

Done with Retype? It's okay, we understand. 😢

Uninstalling Retype is just as simple as installing. Use the same package manager to uninstall as you did to install. For instance, if you used npm to install Retype, run the npm uninstall command to remove.

npm uninstall retypeapp --global
yarn global remove retypeapp
dotnet tool uninstall retypeapp --global

Any Retype related files within your project can be deleted, such as the retype.json file and the generated .retype folder.