# Welcome to Retype

Retype is an ultra-high-performance static website generator that builds a website based on simple Markdown text files. Focus on your writing while Retype builds the rest.

“Retype is the perfect fit for my user persona -
tech savvy non-devs who want to write using the best web standards out there” - jonnyfeelgood

No coding is required and just one Markdown file, such as a README.md, will get you started.

The retype.com website was generated using Retype. View the source used to generate this very page.

“I don't want to write code to write docs,
I just want to write docs.” - rab-dev

A new Retype powered website can be up and running within seconds once Retype is installed, which itself takes only a few seconds. 👍

# Quick start

You can install Retype using npm, yarn, or the dotnet CLI.

From your command line, navigate to a folder location where you have one or more Markdown (.md) files, such as a GitHub project.

Next, choose one of the following tools to first install retypeapp and then start Retype by using the retype start command:

npm install retypeapp --global
retype start
yarn global add retypeapp
retype start
dotnet tool install retypeapp --global
retype start

That's it! Your new Retype website should be up and running.

# Features

# It just works

Retype has been built to be easy to use and should "just work" out-of-the-box without any special configuration or troublesome setup.

# Lightning fast

Don't blink. Retype was built for speed.

# Easy install

Installation takes only a few seconds. Then all you need is one Markdown .md file which Retype will start building a new website from.

# Powerful

Project level configuration using retype.yml unlocks many more features and customization.

# Simple formatting

Pages are formatted using Markdown syntax and Retype components. Page level configuration is available, such as setting a custom navigation label or icon.

# Live reload

If a change is detected, such as editing and saving an .md file, your Retype website will be updated almost instantly within the browser.

# Host anywhere

Retype generates a basic HTML website that you can host on any web hosting service, or for free using GitHub Pages, Netlify, or Cloudflare. No special server-side software or external dependencies are required. You can host your Retype site as a public website or as a private website within your organization's network.

# Support

Do you have a technical support question, found a defect, or would like to make a feature request? Please create an issue and we will investigate right away.

Do you have a general inquiry? Please feel free to contact us at hello@retype.com.

We ❤️ feedback.