# Project configuration

Retype will read the retype.json file for additional instructions on how to configure your project.

The retype.json is typically stored in the root of your project, although the file can be placed elsewhere. Please ensure the input and output paths are correct if moved to a different location.

After making a change to the retype.json, you should run retype build to generate a sparkly fresh new build of the project.

The retype.json file is actually optional (not required), but is recommended as you will almost certainly want to customize some options, so adding a retype.json is a good first step. See below for a full list of options.

Running the command retype init will create a default retype.json file. The following sample demonstrates a common set of configuration options and everything can be customized to your requirements.

# Sample retype.json

  "input": ".",
  "output": "./retype",

    "title": "Project Name",
    "label": "Docs"

  "links": [
      "text": "Getting Started",
      "link": "https://retype.com/getting_started/"

  "nav": [
      "path": "/",
      "icon": "home"

  "footer": {
    "copyright": "© Copyright {{ year }}. All rights reserved."

# Options

Option Type Default value Description
input string . Custom path to the input directory
output string ./retype Custom path to the output directory
version string 1.0.0 Version label. Set to null to hide
base string / Base URL
cname string If specified, a CNAME file with the value provided will be created
meta object Meta configuration
meta.title string Common title suffix
identity object Identity configuration
identity.title string Project Name Logo Title. Displayed when $(logo) and $(logoDark) are not configured
identity.label string Optional Logo Label text.
identity.logo string One of the following:
- Name of Logo file (light theme), relative to the $(input) directory
- Inline SVG logo
identity.logoDark string Name of Logo file (dark theme), relative to the $(input) directory. Ignored if the $(logo) is configured with a SVG image
identity.colors object Custom color configuration
identity.colors.label object Logo label colors
identity.colors.label.text string #1f7aff Text color
identity.colors.label.background string #e1edff Background color
links array Top-level navigation link configuration
links[].text string Navigation link text
links[].link string Navigation link URL
nav array Sidebar root-level navigation configuraton
nav[].path string Relative path as it appears in the url
nav[].label string Optional label. When set, overrides the item label inferred from title
nav[].icon string Optional item icon. Could be one from the following options:
- Octicons icon name, e.g. home (see more: https://primer.style/octicons/)
- Emoji shortcode, e.g. :smile: (see more: https://mojee.io/emojis/)
- Svg element (<svg>..</svg>)
footer object Footer configuration
footer.copyright string Site-wide copyright statement that will be added to the footer of each page. Supports Markdown syntax and {{ year }} variable
footer.links array Footer navigation link configuration
footer.links[].text string Navigation link text
footer.links[].link string Navigation link URL
plugins object Plugin configuration
plugins.google object Google Plugin configuration
plugins.google.analytics object Google Analytics configuration
plugins.google.analytics.id string Google Analytics ID
search object Search configuration
search.minChars number 3 Min number of characters required in a search query
search.maxResults number 20 Max number of search results to render
search.placeholder string Search Placeholder text rendered on the search component
search.hotkeys array ["/"] Hotkeys (KeyboardEvent.key) enabling the search component
search.noResultsFoundMsg string Sorry, no results found. Message rendered when no results were found